Can I change my ticket on

Currently, you can only make changes if your ticket allows it and complies with the following conditions.

  • • You purchased it in Argentina, Brazil*, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru, through any of our sales channels.
  • • You haven’t taken the trip yet or you’ve only flown some legs.
  • • Your reservation does not include more than 7 adult passengers.
  • • The flight is operated by LATAM, and is a direct flight or with connections.
  • • The ticket was not redeemed with LATAM Pass miles, Multiplus points, nor does it belong to any special fare category.

*For purchases made in Brazil through, only tickets purchased from February 3, 2018 onward and with a travel date from May 11, 2018 onward can be changed.

We recommend making changes at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight.

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