Can I change or return a ticket redeemed with LATAM Pass Miles?

Yes. Tickets redeemed with LATAM Pass Miles can be changed, depending on the conditions of what you redeem. There may also be an associated fee, which varies depending on what you redeem.

The conditions of what you redeem can be found in the “Sales Receipt” we sent to your e-mail. You can also check in “See Regulations,” which you can access from My Trips.

Enter your last name and reservation code or with your user ID and LATAM Pass code. A third way to access is by checking your Ticket Details.

To process the refund or change, send us a request through our Contact Center. For Peru, endorsements can only be obtained via the Contact Center.

If your redeemed ticket can be refunded or changed, the miles will be added to your account balance according to the following rules:

- That the ticket has not been used and is valid.
- That the request is made up to the same date as the trip.
- That the miles redeemed have not expired.

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