Article nameMy baggage didn’t arrive. What should I do?

We apologize for not being able to deliver your baggage to your destination airport on time. We want to solve this problem as quickly as possible. Please follow these steps:

  • Contact LATAM personnel at the baggage pickup area. They’ll give you the “Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.)" so you can file your claim.
  • Fill out the form with your passport or ID document, boarding pass and baggage tag. You should also give a very detailed description of your baggage to make it easier to find.

After you formalize the claim for not having received your luggage, we'll begin to look for it at the airports. If we do not locate it within 14 days, we'll begin the compensation process.

As this process starts, remember to be attentive and respond to the compensation proposal that we'll offer you, since it will be valid for 1 year. If you do not respond within this time, the case will be considered closed.

You can check your baggage status at any time by going to the "Information About Your Trip" section on our website. Select the "Problems with Your Baggage" option and enter your name and Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) code.

Please review our liability limits regarding air transportation of passengers and baggage.