How can I find out if I can change my flight today?

You can change your flight if you have a ticket for a domestic flight within Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador or Brazil, or for international flights departing from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador or the United States.

This is valid for same-day flight changes, with the same origin and destination, as long as you haven't already checked your baggage at the LATAM airport counter. 

This service is activated 24 hours before your original flight departure time, only through My Trips or the LATAM App. At the airport you can make the change on the same day of your flight, starting at midnight.

The flight you request must have the same number of seats available as the number of passengers on the reservation, because the change will apply to all passengers on it. 

This service is not available if your trip has special services that require confirmation 24 hours in advance, special conditions that require medical certification or if you bought a Promo fare ticket.

Flight changes are subject to a fee depending on the fare of your flight and LATAM Pass category. 

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