What must I do so that my emotional support dog can travel with me?

In order to help you plan your trip, it is important for you to know first that the only emotional support animals permitted are dogs, and that their size must allow them to be placed under the seat in front of you, or at your feet, without blocking the aisle.

The dog must be over 8 weeks old.
Your dog should not be fed on board and by order of the local regulations of each country, they must wear a muzzle while boarding, except when boarding in Brazil.

This service has no associated charges or breed restrictions.

Call our Contact Center after making your reservation, or up to 48 hours ahead of your flight’s departure and present a medical certificate that verifies the need.

Remember that the service is subject to availability of space on the airplane, and to the health restrictions of countries of arrival and flight connection.

Check the requirements on the certificate in the special needs section and other details required to access the service, in the travel with your pet section.

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