Article nameWhat is a Cabin Upgrade and how can I request one?

It’s a benefit for LATAM Pass members where you can request to travel in a superior cabin (Premium Economy or Premium Business) on LATAM flights, as long as there are seats available.

It is also available for tickets redeemed with LATAM Pass Miles or Points. 

How can I request a Cabin Upgrade?

You can request a Cabin Upgrade with Elite member coupons, after your Check-in or through the Upgrade Option. You must ensure that you have the sufficient amount in coupons for the route you’re flying, and have purchased your trip with the Plus or Top fares.

Your priority level will depend on your Elite member category, when you Check-in and the availability of seats on your flight. If you’re lucky, we will let you know of the results at the airport or via e-mail 12 hours before your trip. 

Please remember that once the Upgrade is confirmed, changes or refunds cannot be made.

For more information, please visit the Cabin Upgrade section.