Article nameWhat are the statuses of a Travel Voucher?

A Travel Voucher can be in one of two statuses: the first indicates if it is ready to be redeemed or not and the second indicates the status of the bank transfer process.


Verification statuses for redeeming LATAM services or amount in cash


  • Valid: Indicates that the Travel Voucher can be redeemed for cash or for LATAM services.
  • Expired: Indicates if the Travel Voucher is no longer valid to be redeemed for cash or LATAM services.
  • Deleted: Indicates that the Travel Voucher is no longer available.
  • Transferred or redeemed: If you requested a transfer for the amount in cash, this indicates that the process has be completed successfully and is available in the requester’s bank account. If you redeemed it for services, this indicates that the Travel Voucher was redeemed for LATAM services or used to purchase LATAM flights.


From the time of the bank transfer, a Travel Voucher can have the following statuses:

  • Entered: Indicates that you have already requested the bank transfer of your Travel Voucher.
  • Currently being transferred: Indicates that the bank transfer request has been made to the requester’s account, but bank’s response is pending.
  • Transfer rejected: Indicates that the transfer request has been rejected by the bank or treasury. In this case, we will send you an e-mail explaining what you can do to continue with the transfer process.


Remember that you can check the status of your Travel Voucher online. You can find more information on our information page.