Article nameWhat does the new LATAM and Delta alliance imply?

This new alliance with Delta will allow LATAM Airlines to expand and improve the benefits for its passengers, in order to provide a better experience and a more powerful loyalty program for the region. It seeks to provide a broader network of connectivity between Latin America and North America. Thus, once the required regulatory requirements are met, the possibility of combining two complementary networks will be opened to offer greater connectivity between both regions and with access to over 400 destinations around the world.

Benefits that this alliance will bring you

The new alliance with Delta will allow LATAM to expand and improve the network of benefits and connectivity between South America and North America, allowing for the creation of the most powerful loyalty program in the region. In addition, and thanks to this alliance, the network of destinations will be expanded, adding more than 400 around the world.

Together with Delta, a leading airline in customer experience, we work to comply with the requisite regulatory agreements. Once signed, we will announce the benefits and advantages you will have with this alliance.

DELTA Frequent Flyer Agreement

When the frequent flyer agreement with Delta is implemented (during the first half of 2020 and subject to regulatory approval), benefits may be accessed with Delta according to the fare conditions and the frequent flyer program category. These benefits will be shared in a timely manner.