Article nameCan I request a ticket refund?

If your flight was canceled or rescheduled by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and you know you won’t be able to travel this year, don’t worry, you won’t lose your money. You may be able to request a refund for your fare, boarding fees and additional services you purchased in cash, with Miles or with LATAM Pass Points.

To request a refund, you will have to fill out a refund request form, where you will enter your reservation code and ticket number. Please keep in mind that:

  • The request is made on an individual basis. Therefore, if you were flying with other people, each one of the passengers will have to fill out their own form.
  • If you purchased your ticket through a travel agency or travel website (for example, Expedia or Kayak), you must contact them directly to request any refunds.

Travel Voucher 

Once we receive your request, we'll email you a Travel Voucher, valid until December 31st, 2021. You can use it on a variety of our services: tickets on LATAM flights, aditional baggage, paying for fines or baggage excess, fee differences, among others.

Call us only if you will be flying within the next 48 hours

Due to the complex situation that we are all going through on a global scale, we remind you that we are receiving a high volume of calls to our Contact Center. In order to help our passengers, if you want to contact us to get assistance, please only do so if you are flying within the next 48 hours.


To find out more about the policies on flexibility and precautions that we have taken in response to the coronavirus outbreak, please go to our section with important information about COVID-19.