Article nameIs wearing a mask mandatory?

Yes. In order to keep our passengers and employees safe, as of May 11th, 2020, the use of masks is mandatory for all our flights, both at the airport and on board our planes.

This means that if you have a domestic or international flight, you must wear the mask throughout your entire trip. Those who do not follow this rule will not be able to board.

On the day of your trip, remember to bring your own mask, as they will not be distributed at airports.

We suggest not to use masks with valves and to follow the manufacturer's recommendation regarding the time of use, remembering that a mask should be discarded and replaced if it becomes dirty, wet or deteriorated. For long-duration flights it is advisable to bring extra masks for replacement.


No passenger will be allowed on the plane without properly using a mask, except infants 0-2 years.

People with medical conditions that makes the use of a mask impossible, must process a medical certification

The use of masks will be made more flexible in the case of minors between the ages of 2-11 years.