Article nameIs wearing a mask mandatory?


The use of face masks is mandatory in all LATAM flights. Each passenger is responsible to bring their own mask for personal use and wear it properly, fully covering their nose and mouth. The mandatory use of a face mask applies for all passengers, regardless of their vaccination status.

Authorized masks: traditional surgical mask, N95 and KN95 type (without valves), cloth mask with more than 1 protective layer. 

Unauthorized masks: any face mask with valves, fabric handkerchiefs or bandanas, scarves or masks made of woven material (wool-yarn), plastic mouth guard.

Those masks or elements that do not appear in the list of masks authorized on LATAM flights are considered prohibited, without exceptions.

We ask our clients to use their mask correctly at all times and remove it only to ingest food and beverages for short periods of time. 

We suggest following the manufacturer's recommendation regarding the time of use, remembering that a mask should be discarded and replaced if it becomes dirty, wet or deteriorated. Always bring extra masks for replacement, especially for long-duration flights.

No customer may board the plane without a mask (except infants from 0 to 2 years old) or using it incorrectly. In the case of refusing to use it during the flight, you will be reported as an unruly passenger with the respective authorities.

Those people who have a medical condition that makes it impossible to use it, must obtain a medical certification.


Special Considerations

Some countries have special rules about the type of masks allowed and additional elements. Check your origin and destination country to check these additional rules in our Interactive Map. It is the passenger responsibility to check the information and comply with both local authorities and LATAM policy.

Keep in mind: for flights from/to and inside Peru, additionally to the face mask, the use of a transparent face shield is mandatory.